Sexytime Penistime Porntime

Hey, it´s me Penishead. I celebrate fun and clubmusic with my gear. I am strong. I am enormous. I let you come. 100 years of experience in making wild electronic music now in one secret person. Live music with modular synth eurorack system. Directly for the floor or four on the floor. 🙂 When I come the floor gets wet! NO USB, NO CD, NO VINYL – just all live with crazy electronics.

The debut album

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penishead first album
Sexytime Partytime Porntime
  1. 1. Sexytime Partytime Porntime
  2. 2. Soap fresh
  3. 3. Futureman
  4. 4. Captain Penishead
  5. 5. Punch Kick Fick
  6. 6. Kitty Eyes

What you can expect!

My live sound is Minimal / EDM / DeepTechno / Glitch. 2 hours playtime. Every time a little bit different depending on the feeling, the girls, the catering and the club manager. 🙂 My recorded music here on this site is much different than my live stuff.
Booking requests for live playing, other commercial stuff or video acting are recommended. Be the first who will be penisized! Penisextacy in music. Come on, let´s porn!

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penishead first album
Sexytime Partytime Porntime // Penishead - Porntime
  1. Sexytime Partytime Porntime // Penishead - Porntime
  2. Soap fresh // Penishead - Soap Fresh
  3. Futureman // Penishead - Sexytime Partytime Porntime
  4. Captain Penishead // Penishead - Sexytime Partytime Porntime
  5. Punch Kick Fick // Penishead - Sexytime Partytime Porntime
  6. Kitty Eyes // Penishead - Sexytime Partytime Porntime